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    [Netzavare] Divinity Recruitment


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    [Netzavare] Divinity Recruitment

    Post  Tariku on Mon Apr 26, 2010 2:04 pm

    A little about us:

    We r just a bunch of people from another game and joined over here for a while now. Most of the members in the Corp now were also in the same guild with us from another game and we are seeking to make more friends in this game.

    Divinity Corp is recruiting new members based on the following requirements:

    - You have to be an active member lv 20+ (don’t have to be super active, but at least show a sign of activeness)
    - There is an exception for those under level 20 (apply for new player to this game only) and please no sabo in here.
    - Try to speak English in there (otherwise, how would we communicate @_@)
    - No cursing or using vulgar words in Corp please. This can be very offensive against other people. And I hate drama stuffs yah? Don’t try to give me headache.
    - Last but not least, try to have some fun, friendly, talkative, and work together in war =)

    We will try our best to help you such as war, quest, Corp gears info even if you r super new to this game. All you have to do is just ask.

    Current Corp’s condition:

    As of right now, there will be someone in Corp will be on somewhere in the 24 hours/7 days a week. We are all playing different time due to different timezone. So don’t worry if you are from another country, I’m sure there will be a member in there will be able to play with you so we all won’t be so lonely.

    Here is the current list of members for you to contact. PM us if you r interested in joining us:

    Captain: Tariku

    VCP: S7unner, Windkaze, Mabibi, Kuriboh

    (List will get updated as more people take position in VCP)
    We r also open for other Corps in Netz that r interested in merging to our Corp.

    This is all for now. I will put up Corp's rule in the future if necessary.

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