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    The Story about the Corp. named <Divinity>


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    The Story about the Corp. named <Divinity>

    Post  Kuriboh on Wed Apr 28, 2010 9:27 pm

    As he sat on his chair going through reports after reports coming in every minute. King Huenkel couldn't help but sighed as he has been in his office with his trusted ministers. The war is tense. The power struggle with Oscar and his compatriots trying to oust the king from his throne did not help in any way either. His only comfort was his ever lovely daughter, Princess Eris, who is always there for him when he needed her the most.

    News has got to the king's ears that Oscar is plotting a coup against the kingdom after his failed attempt in becoming a dragon to assassinate the king, King Huenkel finally decides to put a stop to his nonsense. King Huenkel wanted to put together a team that will protect the peace and order in Banewatt. However, as the war is still ongoing, the king has limited resources and manpower to deploy due to the low population in the continent. After discussing with his minister, King Huenkel summoned Dhosay and Clumin, the 2 top Military instructors in Victorion, into his office and handled them an important task. Their task was to go to the town and gather men and women with talent and form a militia. Dhosay was tasked to look for them in Central Square while Clumin was tasked to search the sub urban areas.

    While passing by a tavern, Dhosay happened to saw a fight between 2 men, Windkaze and S7unner. Flashes of swords can barely be seen as the 2 swordsmen wield their swords in lightning speed. The fight lasted 2 hours and it ended up in a draw. Dhosay clearly sees the talent in both men and thus approached them and share with them the situation; both men joined him without any second thoughts.

    Dhosay continues his journey to look for able men and women to join his ranks, he stop by a crowd by the river that was watching a magic show. It was pretty normal to him until a little boy got pushed by the crowd and fell into the river. The current was rapid and everyone thought it was over for the little boy, until a gust of wind flew past them from behind and within seconds the entire river was frozen. The crowd hurriedly went to help the little boy out from the frozen river as the other magician used his fire magic to warm the ice surrounding the boy. As Dhosay turn to look at the direction where the wind had came from, it was the 2 Magicians who were performing magic at that time. Dhosay went up to him and asked for their name. The ice Wielder is Takuro, the fire Wielder is Kuriboh, both wandering mages traveling across continents to perform magic show for a living. Dhosay sees talent in them and recruited them.

    Dhosay's final stop, was the The House of Mabibi, rumored to be the descendants of the wise Sorcerer Melgia and rides a legendary unicorn by the name of Vorg18. Mabibi has the ability to create clones of herself to do task when she is able to show her identity to others and her clones often goes by the name of Hakubi and Hakuchan and several others. It would be a boost if she could offer her help. As Dhosay explained the king's will and intention to Mabibi, she decided to join the team and brought along several strong looking servants with her. They are the Tormentor and To_ot brothers, Zacharum the bounty hunter and Pinay_me, her armed personal maid. Dhosay then went back to report to the king.

    While searching for talents in sub urban areas, Clumin was having a bad day as he has yet to find anyone talented. The area was scare and only the poor lives there and there were rumors of harpies appearing in the area. His luck became worst as he encounter a Harpy Princess leading her pack to raid the area for food. He was greatly outnumbered. As he thought his days were up as the harpy princess was about to give him a last stroke, a gust of flames appeared and the bunch of harpies started burning and shouting in agony. It was Hellfire, as he had seen it before in the training ground. As he turn around, to his surprised, It was the flame siblings, Pantie and Wichie, on their way back to Banewatt after slaying the Orc Pack on the King's request for creating trouble in Velta Plains. The Harpy Princess was shocked to see her harpies were burning to crisp in seconds and retreated. Clumin was saved. They siblings agreed to join him after hearing his story.

    As Clumin was discussing with the flame siblings on where else could they find talents, a name came upon the siblings' mind. They asked Clumin to look for this guy called Tariku, an once brilliant warlord and the leader of the Netzavare Defence force, but resigned his post as he made a major mistake in leading several thousands of troops to death while he was the sole survivor. Despite the history, he was still a talented man. Clumin then went to Soledad ruins to look for Tariku with the siblings' guidance. He was soon found in a broken house with a campfire. He has been tormenting himself for his mistakes as it was a unforgivable one. But with the advice on Clumin and the siblings, Tariku finally decides to take up his axe again to atone for his sins. That was the final stop for Clumin.

    Days later, the warriors had gathered before the King in the hall for the King's address. There were a few more heroes around as they came in voluntarily after hearing the king's call. Tariku was appointed with role of Captain for the special team, as he was the only one with experience of leading men to battle. Windkaze,S7unner,Mabibi,Kuriboh and Tormentor was appointed as his deputy. As the King was addressing the group a scout rushes in with the reports that Oscar's troops has started to move. The King ordered Tariku to lead his men into battle immediately.

    As the rebels were situated in Erica Island moving towards Banewatt, he predicted they will need to pass by St. Walk Highlands. He ordered his deputy to each lead a squad stationed in Mount St.Erde Base, Anore Heights, Velta Plains and Mount Asroma Base while his main forces will advance from Philadea Basin.
    As Oscar's rebel forces marches by St. Walk Highlands, as predicted, Tariku's main forces was there to intercept him. Flames surrounded the Oscar's troop as the battle was about to begin. Oscar then realized he was ambushed. The rebel s was taken by surprised and was fleeing from all direction but all was futile as the deputy captain's troops appear from all directions to block their escape route. It was a huge victory for the Militia.

    The Militia marches back to Banewatt proudly, with the captive of Oscar and his rebels. King Huenkel was delighted and praised the group for their bravery. Princess Eris was so happy as she gave Mabibi a kiss on her cheek. 3 Days worth of fest and parties were rewarded to the militia.

    All good things must come to an end for the task for the Militia has been fulfilled and they were volunteers and due to the tight budget, the kingdom could not possible draft anymore troops. King Huenkel reluctantly order the militia to be disband. Everyone was sad as they were reluctant to leave each other for they once fought alongside each other. Then an idea strike Tariku. Tariku gather the brave men and women and asked them if there would like to form a corp. under the kingdom. That way, the kingdom would not need to directly hire us and they will still be able to stay together. Everyone agreed without second thoughts and Thus…

    ...was formed with the same group of leaders holding similar positions in the militia. Everyone is excited as they don the corp uniform. Few days after the corp. was formed, Cesedria invaded Claudia Headwaters and Divinity was called up to aid the regular force, and their journey has just began....

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    Re: The Story about the Corp. named <Divinity>

    Post  Tariku on Wed Apr 28, 2010 10:58 pm

    lol I'm so speechless. You r so creative ahhaha. So admire you Kuri...can think of a such story like this one lol

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    Re: The Story about the Corp. named <Divinity>

    Post  Tormentor on Wed Apr 28, 2010 11:38 pm

    Awesome, just woke up this morning and was wondering what to read while drinking coffee and ended up on this, nice job kuri well written Very Happy i loled at the vorg18 part too

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    Re: The Story about the Corp. named <Divinity>

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